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At CBX Roofs, we know when inspecting for hail damage you definitely want to know the difference between natural wear and tear and storm bruising on the shingle. They can be mistaken for one another and that’s exactly why we offer free inspections. There are a couple of indications of damage to see from the ground. The first indication is checking the vinyl siding around the home. Depending on the wind direction of the storm, hail could have come straight down or at a slope. Therefore, if you cannot spot any damage or oxidation on the siding please take a good look at the rain gutters. The rain gutters can potentially have small or big craters that are sometimes visible from ground level inspection. If you spot an abnormal amount of shingle granules in the gutters or even on the driveway, then the next step is to check out the roof immediately. We will look at every building on the property at ground level and roof level.

Here is a brief tutorial on looking at hail damage vs. Natural wear and tear

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