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Here are some tips for homeowners in need of a roof repair or roof replacement.  Key things to keep in mind:

Here are the 5 things you should consider when a roofing repair project is planned for your house:

1. Ask about your new roof’s ventilation

Proper ventilation has a huge impact on your roof’s longevity. Improving your roof’s ventilation helps regulate the attics temperatures during the summer and minimizes moisture accumulation in the winter. Ask your roofing contractor whether they will include such features as gable and ridge vents.

2. Choose energy efficiency over aesthetics

An energy-efficient roof helps lower your energy bills as your air conditioning unit does not have to work exceptionally hard to cool your home. Cool roofs are normally made of materials that do not easily absorb the sun’s heat. Apart from keeping your home’s interior comfortable, this also reduces the roof’s maintenance costs. While in the past such roofs were mostly made of bright colors, dark hues are now becoming available.

3. Making sure your roof is up to code for the cities of Layton, Kaysville, and Farmington.

Code items for your roof are mandatory and need to be abided by.  Looking into certain materials that are required for certain areas of the roof is super important in this type of project.  Making sure an inspector comes out to check the wood and most importantly the right amount of ICE and Water Shield that needs to be applied to the eaves and valleys.

4. Consider installing an airtight chimney cap

Although chimney caps are quite inexpensive, they are often overlooked. A chimney cap reduces the energy consumption in your home by preventing heat from escaping and keeping snow, sleet or rain from getting into your home. It also prevents animals such as raccoons, squirrels, birds, mice, and rats from accessing your home.

5. Prevent formation of ice dams by installing Ice and Water Shield for max protection

Ice and water shield is one of the most important items on the roof that should never be avoided especially in the state of Utah.  Moist weather calls for such a great product and inspectors will make sure that your roof repair project has followed this proper guideline.

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